Professional Qualifications – OFFER : YOU CAN PICK 5 MODULES FOR £399.00  (WAS 499.00)


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    Product Description

    Qualities of Effective Leadership

    Developing Interpersonal Skills

    Motivating and Influencing People

    Making Decisions

    Creativity and Problem Solving

    Studying and Using Management Theories

    The External Operating Environment of Business

    Culture and Ethics

    Governance and Directorships

    Analysing the Competition

    Marketing Strategy

    High Performance Sales

    E-Marketing Communication

    Customers and their Needs

    Strategic Human Resource Management

    Recruiting and CPD

    Measuring and Rewarding Performance

    Interpreting Business Accounts

    Tools of Financial Analysis

    Managing Cash and Working Capital

    Exercises in Quantitative Techniques

    Impact of Technology on Business

    Innovation and R&D

    Implementing and Managing Quality Systems

    Strategic Planning Tools

    Strategic and Systems Management

    The Business Plan

    Developing High-Performance Teams

    Managing Projects

    Strategies for growth

    OFFER : YOU CAN PICK 5 MODULES FOR £399.00  (WAS 499.00)