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Our accredited courses are recognised in more than 20 countries. We are recognised by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance qualifications and apprenticeships. HABC is regulated by Ofqual, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

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We help businesses to develop the skills of their employees. This drives improvements in service quality and productivity, helps organisations to comply with current legislation, and leads to staff feeling more motivated and valued as individuals. We also help individual learners to improve their skill sets, improving their chances of promotion or leading to new opportunities for employment. 

How To Identify Your Vocation And Land Your Ideal First Job

Taught by Bola Benson £197

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Professional Qualifications £99

Undergraduate Qualifications

Postgraduate Qualifications

Impact of Technology on Business

New technologies can bring both problems and opportunities. This module examines ways of future-proofing a business in a rapidly changing technological world.

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BA (Hons) in Marketing (Top-up)

1. Strategic Management Analysis

2. International Marketing

3. Marketing Consultancy

Identify and assess the usefulness of key numerical, graphical and statistical indicators of business activity. Demonstrate how various quantitative indicators can be used to inform their decision-making.

(6-9 Months Duration)

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MA in Marketing & Innovation Top up

(6-9 Months Duration)

Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Marketing Strategy

(6 Months Duration)

MBA Top Up

(6-9 Months Duration)

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
(6 Months Duration)

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Business Planning and Goal Setting

What is the business trying to achieve? What will it do? How will it do it? This module focuses on the development of clear business goals and plans to achieve a clearly defined objective.

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Extended Advanced Professional Diploma in Business and Marketing Management


Students who have successfully completed the Extended Advanced Professional Diploma in Business and Marketing Management will be able to gain entry to BA (Hons) in Marketing “top-up” stage, which forms Part 2 of this qualification.


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Qualities of Effective Leadership

Learners will explore the making and development of effective leaders.To evaluate the importance of leadership and distinguish leadership from management To evaluate critically the contribution of theory in support of operational management.

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Diploma in Business and Strategic Management 

  1. Managing communication
  2. Business organisations in a global context

Learners will also develop an understanding of the research skills expected of a successful manager

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Analysing the Competition

How can this help you? This course teaches learners about how they can review and analyse the actions of competitors and use the information to improve the performance of their business.

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Motivating and Influencing People

This course looks at methods to inspire and motivate people and ways to create a unity of direction within a business.

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Marketing Strategy 

This module looks at the development of marketing strategies and how they are implemented to create successful marketing campaigns.

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Making Decisions

Successful decision-making is about doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Learners will look at the process of making a good decision.

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Customers and their needs

Learners will explore ways to ensure that their customers are recognised, understood and valued.

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Tools of Financial Analysis

Keep on top of your organisation’s financial performance. This course gives learners the resources, tools and techniques needed to keep their finger on the pulse of the business.

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Managing Cash and Working Capital

Understanding cash, cash flow and working capital. Cash and working capital are the lifeblood of a business. Learn how to manage them effectively.

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Managing and Using Marketing

The focus of marketing is on the customer and customer satisfaction – meeting the needs of customers through the products/services we sell and offering the customer what they perceive as value. Today customers have higher and higher expectations for quality, service and value.

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The Business Plan

This is used to lay out the core aims and objectives of a business, shows how they can be achieved, and defines how the business will develop in the longer-term. Learners will discover how to create an effective and professional plan.

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Politics and Business

What is the impact of politics on businesses and how can it help or hinder them? This module will teach learners about the role of economic impact, exports and government support on successful business operations.

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Business Law

Learners will explore the statutory responsibilities of managers and how the law relates to businesses and business executives.

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Marketing and Sales Planning

Learn to analyse markets, customers, competitors and products and then bring the elements together to form a cohesive plan.

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Customers and Customer Service

Customers are the fulcrum of any business. This module explores the importance of good customer service and how to achieve it.


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Fundamentals of Accounting

Accounts give an insight into the health of the organisation. On completion of this module, learners will understand business accounts and how to use them.


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Practical Accounting Analysis

Learners will complete a number of exercises in accounts during this module. They will develop an understanding of what they are telling us and the actions that analysis can precipitate.


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Financial Management and Control

In this module, learners will compare and contrast examples of good and bad financial decision-making and the impact they have on the success of a business.


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The Marketing Mix

Learners will discover how to use the marketing mix as part of the business planning process.


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